Notarial certification

The Notary's Office deals with notarial certification. The notary is entitled to certify:

  • authenticity of the signature,
  • compliance of the copy with the document presented,
  • the date of presenting the document,
  • the person being alive or in a certain place.



In order to notarize the document, the original document must be presented to the notary, as well as the identity document of the person applying for the notarial certificate. The notary certifies that a person remains alive or in a specific place during a personal meeting with the person and after establishing the identity of this person. The person's identity is established on the basis of legally permitted documents, and in their absence - in a possible way that excludes any doubts as to the identity of the person. The act of certifying the authenticity of a signature on a document does not include examining the content of this document. Similarly, certifying the date of presenting the document - this operation consists only in official confirmation that the document with the certified date existed at the time when the notary performed the act of certifying the date of its presentation.

The catalog of notarial activities of our Notary's Office also includes notarial certification provided for by law.


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