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We deal with complex notarial service especially when transactions require notarisation or when their notaristaion is requested by parties to such transactions. Our service must be totally legal so if you request service that is not in accordance with the law we are forced to refuse you by making a report with justification. Our documents may be issued only in polish language. If any of the transaction parts can’t communicate in polish we require the presence of the certified translator with them.


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What services are provided by our Notary's Office?

The scope of services provided by our Notary Office in Lublin includes the performance of all for which a notary form is provided, including preparation of:

  • notarial deeds and deeds of inheritance certification (sales contract, donation agreement, exchange contract, division of inheritance, abolition of joint ownership, division of joint property, preliminary agreement, conditional agreement, partnership contract, marital property contract and powers of attorney, testaments, declarations of acceptance or rejection of inheritance , on submission to the rigor of enforcement, establishment of an easement or a mortgage),
  • certificates (authenticity of signatures, specimen signatures and compliance of copies of documents with the original, date of presentation of the document, the person being alive or in a specific place),
  • protocols, e.g. general meetings of joint-stock companies, meetings of shareholders of limited liability companies, meetings of housing communities,
  • protests of bills of exchange and checks,
  • copies, extracts or duplicates of documents,
  • at the request of the parties, draft acts, statements and other documents.

In addition to the above activities, as part of our notary services, we also deliver declarations, accept money, documents and securities for safekeeping, and perform other activities resulting from separate regulations.


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